Monday, July 27, 2009

Philippines Presidential SONA 2009

PGMA's last SONA was excruciatingly familiar. I'm dying of boredom here. Ang sigaw ng taong bayan: Resign PGMA!

Or at least, that's what I hear on the news everyday. What the f**k is wrong with these people? How can one say that "sigaw ng taong bayan" talaga yun? How dare you people generalize and make decisions for the Filipino people. Sino nga ba ang taong bayan? Taong bayan din naman ako ah? Hindi na ba kami counted dun? Just because more educated people don't roam around the streets doing stupid rallies, doesn't mean that we don't care. We work hard! We don't waste our time marching around the streets to fight for what we believe in. Instead, we work our asses off day and night so we can make things better for those who are in need.

I'm an Atenean, and no, I'm not pro-GMA or anti-GMA, I simply wish to support the government to do what it should do: "govern the Philippines". With my support, I hope to make that tiny bit of difference that could spell the difference between victory and defeat. I am an Atenean, and yet, when I was in college I was forced to march in the "no to cha-cha rallies" for a few points on my Christmas card. Thing is...I didn't care much back then. I was in college, I was 17 years old for cryin' out loud. All I cared about back then were my grades and my allowance.

When I listened to the so-called Political Analyst that Ted Failon was interviewing, I was asking my mom who this person was and why we have to listen to the crap that he says. Was he ever the president of the Philippines? What makes him qualified to be heard on air? For me, the so-called analyst was a remnant of the past, an antique. His views, are no longer applicable to the present time. He said something about the judgment of those who are pro-administration, and the anti-administration, and the judgment of the "sambayanan". Who the h**l was he talkin' 'bout? Don't tell me that you consider those people rallying around for a few coins in their pocket "the sambayanan"??? And hey hey hey!!! hellooo??? The sambayanan is not just Metro Manila bro! The small rallies that they do there now is just a cheap imitation of the Edsa revolution.

Now that I've started this blog to let my frustrations out, I've come to realize that most schools say "no to cha-cha". There's no cha-cha yet, there's con-ass. In con-ass we hope to hear what it is they really want to do about the current constitution. It's like saying hey guys, I've got an idea, but the people you're talking to won't even listen. It's stupid. Every good manager knows that the only way to run a business is to listen to your clients, your employees, and your heart. Have you guys even been in school? If so, you'd know about the "scientific method". First you have to know the problem, research on it, make a hypothesis, then test and analyze your results. Have we done this thus far? Errr uhhh nope, i guess...never. Whatever.

Whatever guys...I'll continue my rant next post.

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